Aging in Place

Many of us are getting to the age where we need to start making decisions about how we want to live as we get older.  Building a new home and focusing on the design of the home can be a catalyst for change as we move through any periods of transition.  I think it can be especially helpful when we are looking at how we might age in place.

I believe that it is important to be proactive in making good decisions about our environment and that may mean downsizing and moving to a one story home which is more manageable and accessible, while we can still make the move easily.

Beginning a new construction project to build a home which encompasses all the things necessary to make living easy as you age is an attractive option.

It is sometimes hard to think about going through the years of accumulated stuff and memories and leaving behind a family home…but the earlier you can do that the more positive an experience it can be.

Once you have decided to down size, I recommend selecting the furniture pieces and the art or accessories that you love and working around these special belongings to create a new and updated home.  Once you decide on these, the design will fall into place more easily and you can begin to let go of other items that have cluttered your home and your mind.

This also allows you to look forward to moving and creating something new which can be exciting.

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