Aging in Place

Many of us are getting to the age where we need to start making decisions about how we want to live as we get older.  Building a new home and focusing on the design of the home can be a catalyst for change as we move through any periods of transition.  I think it can […]

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The Importance of Interior Design

  My philosophy of interior design is that it can promote well being and happiness in a person’s life. The arrangement of rooms, appliances and furnishing’s in a home can offer the homeowners a peaceful and organized environment, which can allow them to relax and accomplish greater goals in their lives. Well designed space plans […]

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Home Building

How to Choose a Custom Home Builder

Choosing a custom home builder is a huge decision for most home buyers. Finding a builder that you feel comfortable with is the most important step to making sure that you have a good experience building your home. Here are a few suggestions for some things to ask yourself before choosing your next home builder: […]

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